Total vocal control

VoiceLive Rack is the total solution for studio and live vocal effects. It’s a completely controllable mic channel with a transparent, digitally controlled mic preamp, a full suite of adaptive pre-effects, packed with TC-Helicon’s industry leading VoiceLive® effects and wrapped in an intuitive Touch interface. You can produce any vocal sound you’ve heard or dreamed of.


  • Full mic channel with digitally controlled gain, phantom power and pre effects
  • Complete vocal FX path with intuitive touch-based editing of hundreds of effects
  • Includes MP-75 Modern Performance Vocal Microphone with Mic ControlTM

Pure vocal pedigree

VoiceLive Rack is filled with the vocal effects technology behind our best selling VoiceLive® series. We’re talking about studio-grade audio to help you define new vocal territory. From our trademark Adaptive Tone™ to brilliant vocal harmonies, it’s all there. We’ve also included some extra features such as global reverb and store & recall set up info.

Watch it Work

 FOH Engineer Michelle Sabolchick talks about harnessing VoiceLive Rack’s power for the World Tour of Mr. Big and Tom Lang looks at its magic for live use – just go to 1.50 in Tom’s video to see its stunning vocal effects in action...


In a rackmount chasis

We’ve designed VoiceLive Rack for recording studio set-ups, touring, or for guitarists & keyboard players who use rack-mount performance gear. Whether you’re constructing a giant vocal track for your latest tune or mixing front-of-house at today’s tour stop, VoiceLive Rack delivers the vocal power and magic you need.

MP-75 included

VoiceLive Rack comes with the MP-75, a breakthrough mic built for live performance. It has Mic ControlTM: the button on the mic allows you to control your effects remotely. That means you can turn on harmony, doubling, reverb, delay - all of your effects - from the mic.


The perfect interface

  1. Intuitive Touch access to browse, edit and store all parameters.
  2. Easy-to-read display of preset details with navigation by button or wheel; mix knobs for value adjustment.
  3. Touch activation of all vocal FX.
  4. High-quality In-Out for your computer with all of the I/O connections you’ll need including MIDI, XLR, ¼” and AUX for MP3.

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

“It's a powerful product that enhances tight performance and rewards good planning and programming of patches. Overall the processing has the signature TC-Helicon sound that I've come to expect from their range: clean, modern and effective.”

-Sound On Sound

“The real magic lies in the outstanding studio-quality effects, which are crafted specifically for modern vocal production. We also loved the production-minded (and time-saving) features like the ability to refine preset searches by name or type.”

-M Music Magazine

“If I was a vocalist that wanted studio quality effects live, in a powerful, intuitive box, this would be a no-brainer. If you sing and don’t trust the sound guy, GET THIS.”

-Audio Geek Zine Magazine

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