• Touch Matrix Interface for the ultimate extension of your voice
  • Complete suite of production quality vocal effects & harmony
  • Powerful performance looper – create up to 25 loops

Touch it to believe it

This is truly the first instrument for the voice. Mount it in front of you on a mic stand with its ingenious, easy-access design – or put it next to your keyboard or computer. Then, let your fingers glide over the touch interface.  You’ll soon be unleashing its FX and looping power. Just try to stop.

Watch it Work

“Me, Myself and I” are a European group who refer to their style as voice controlled music. VoiceLive Touch became their instrument to achieve this...


Complete vocal FX universe

VoiceLive Touch is loaded with vocal effects from our best-selling VoiceLive® series: reverb, doubling, HardTune, µMod, tap delay and transducer. Get inspired with incredible, natural sounding harmonies: there are 8 voicings to choose from - controlled by guitar, MIDI or USB/Aux input. There’s also the Global Tone feature that adapts to your voice for an optimally produced tone every time you sing.

Multiply yourself

The powerful looper in VoiceLive Touch will multiply your musical persona, allowing you to create an entire composition by yourself. It’s packed with lots of loop time and innovative options like Loops Mode to play back loops in any order and Shots Mode to create instant loop triggers. You’ll find your one-person creations easy and incredible.


Personal sound engineer included

VoiceLive Touch automatically takes care of vocal tone with adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating. This frees you up to focus on your performance with a full suite of vocal effects, natural-sounding harmonies and looping power.

It fits everywhere

Voicelive Touch goes where you need it. Put it right in front of you on your mic stand. If you play keyboard, just put it on top. When you go home to work on tracks with your computer, you can place it on the table beside it. If you’re a guitar player, use the optional Switch-3 pedal so you can run it while you’re playing.


Vocal design command center

1. Unique Touch Interface for addictive navigation.

2. Effortless access to all FX; use the Slider to open up a world of hundreds of presets.

3. Ingenious design for easy mic stand attachment or desktop use.

4. Studio quality Mic input, Guitar in/thru, MIDI, Aux ins for MP3 and Footswitch, headphone out with control level and USB for updates.

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

“This one is way ahead of the game... The touchscreen interface makes selecting effects and looping so simple - simple enough for an artist to operate live without losing their flow...supremely easy and flexible processor for vocalists.”

–Wired Magazine

“The effects are carefully chosen—like everything about this machine. VoiceLive Touch's major strength is in its workflow: it's remarkable how fluidly it allows you to be creative with your voice.”

–Music Radar Magazine

“The VoiceLive Touch's mainstay — the harmonisation — sounds nice and is quite addictive. All the controls on the front are flat, touch‑sensitive types, and they respond very well.”

–Sound On Sound

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