• All-in-One Personal PA, Vocal Monitor, Instrument Amplifier and Vocal Reverb Unit
  • Pristine Power with Tannoy 150W Amp and Custom Driver
  • On Board TC-Helicon Effects & 3 Channel Digital Mixer
  • Instant Mic Stand Mounting with one-click Easy Grip System

More YOU, front & center

Why settle for someone else’s idea of a monitor mix when you can easily create your own? Just place VoiceSolo FX150 where it counts most for you: on a mic stand, as a wedge monitor, high on a PA stand or even on a desktop. Then, experience its full range speaker, editable effects and professional vocal tone. Now you have more you.

All TC-Helicon integration

VoiceSolo FX150 integrates effortlessly with all of our other vocal processors and pedals. That means you can enhance your performance with the entire suite of TC-Helicon’s state-of-the-art voice effects – such as Doubling, Harmony, Echo, HardTune, Flanger, Choir, and more.

Loud & clear

When things get loud on stage, you’ll hear yourself – and your music – perfectly. Legendary loudspeaker company Tannoy is behind the remarkable 6.5″ 2-way coaxial driver. Its expert voicing means that more volume and power is drawn from its 150 Watts than any other system in the same class.

Dial in your mix – easy

Get a superb personal mix on the fly with the ultra-low noise 3-channel digital mixer.  There is an independent 3-band EQ on each channel with fast editing control of all features. It’s as easy as pressing the button for the level or parameter you want to change and then using the universal “Edit” knob to fine-tune the mix to your ear’s delight.

No assembly required

The VoiceSolo FX150’s special design allows for accurate wedge angling, stand-alone or desktop placement. We think you’ll just love how easy it is to mount it on a mic stand. Our Easy Grip Mounting System lets you set up in seconds – no special parts or time-wasting assembly needed.

Outstanding Vocals, Tone & Reverb

The Vocal Tone button is like having your own professional vocal sound tech automatically dialling in flattering EQ, compression and de-essing – matched to your voice. There’s 9 studio-grade Reverb styles to add that extra sheen to your vocal performance or your instrument sound.

Yes: it works with instruments

For a PA system to be truly personal, it must cater to all aspects of your performance – not just vocals.  If you play an instrument you’ll find that the FX150 is a Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) system for your guitar. And it faithfully delivers a deep bass Oomph like you wouldn’t believe.



  1. Powerful, full range 6.5″ Tannoy Speaker and 150W Amplifier.
  2. Easy Control of Levels, Tone, EQ and Reverb in the Ultra-Low-Noise 3-channel mixer.
  3. Built In Adaptive ToneTM for Intelligent EQ, Compression, De-essing and Gating.
  4. XLR Mic & ¼” Instrument Connections plus 1/8th” AUX-in for MP3.

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

“A personal powerhouse! Delivers exceptional musical clarity and full range punch. Vocalists will be thrilled with the addition of vocal tone. A tight professional sound for the perfect performance.”

-Get in the Mix Online

A very effective, cleverly conceived little monitor...TC-Helicon have taken an existing concept, interpreted it very well, and then added the sort of functionality that you might not expect, such as reverb, centre cancelling on the aux input and the ability to control the reverb remotely from a compatible microphone via Mic Control.

-Sound On Sound

This is a very flexible and great sounding piece of kit...that would get me out of trouble on a live stage, whatever the size of venue!

-Guitar Interactive Magazine