Update to VoiceSupport 2 now!


> Professionally authored preset libraries

> Update messaging – helping you stay up to date with the latest software

> Drag & drop preset management

> Customizable content about your products

> Firmware upgrading and Account management

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When you run VoiceSupport for the first time, a TC-Helicon USB enabled product must be connected.


Home is the landing page for VoiceSupport. On this page you can get the latest news, see your connected devices and filter your content experience. When your first run VoiceSupport it will scan for connected TC-Helicon devices and get the data from the currently selected device.


manage your presets

The preset page is where you get to make your product your own by managing, backing up, and renaming your presets as well as the new online preset library. With products like VoiceLive 3 you can even manage the steps in each of your presets. You must have a connected device to use the preset management features. The functionality may be different for each TC-Helicon product.


Firmware & Account

The Firmware page gives you the current version of your connected product’s firmware and allows you to update your firmware. The Account page allows you to register your product and maintain subscriptions.


Online preset library

Version 1.2 adds simple drag & drop access to online preset libraries. Dozens of new presets as well as category-organized presets for products such as VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive Touch 2, Mic Mechanic, VoiceSolo FX150, VoiceTone H1 and more... Crafty album art and descriptions allow you select a preset library or a single preset and drag it directly from our servers onto your product using VoiceSupport. You may require latest version of your product’s firmware.