• Professionally authored preset libraries
  • Update messaging – helping you stay up to date with the latest software
  • Drag & drop preset management
  • Firmware upgrading
  • Automatically convert presets from one firmware version to the next, maintaining all of your data and settings

New Firmware

"Devices" is the landing tab for VoiceSupport. On this page you can manage your TC-Helicon devices, both online and offline, and filter your content experience. When you first run VoiceSupport it will automatically scan for connected units and get the data from the currently selected device. It will also prompt you to update your firmware if you're not running the latest version.


manage your presets

The "Presets" page is where you manage and store your presets and device settings – to backup your data and to create custom preset and settings libraries for your personal needs (e.g. to easily enable complete preset and device changes between different gigs, bands, or even types of venues). With products like VoiceLive 3 you can even manage the steps in each of your presets. You must have a connected device to use the preset management features. The functionality may differ for each TC-Helicon product.


Free Online Presets

The "Presets" page is also where you access our free online presets library to download hundreds upon hundreds of new sounds for all our multi-FX products – as well as a handful of the single effects pedals. Crafty categories, album art and descriptions allow you select a preset library or a single preset and drag it directly from the cloud onto your product using VoiceSupport. You may require the latest version of your product’s firmware.