• Intelligently adapts to your voice, making your tone crisp, clean and full
  • High quality multi-band EQ with Compression & De-essing
  • Create the perfect sound by chaining VoiceTone Singles together

Put your best vocal tone forward

VoiceTone T1 automatically reacts to your voice and applies studio quality dynamics and EQ to bring out your most exciting vocal tone. Now you can put a recorded sheen on your live singing without the setup and adjustment of complex equipment normally required to achieve “that sound”.

Watch it Work

Singer-songwriter Christine Havrilla shows what the VoiceTone pedals can do in live performance – watch her use T1 right at the beginning of this video...


It's just this simple

  • Plug in your mic, plug your pedal into the mixer & set gain.
  • Turn on the effect.
  • (That’s it.)

Of course, you can always change the style or the amount of effect, but you shouldn’t need to unfold the manual unless you’re making a fire.


Chain it.

You can chain T1 to all of the other VoiceTone Singles, mixing and matching effects to define your personal sound. It also works with Ditto Mic Looper, the pure looping pedal for singers and instrumentalists. Use the Singles Connect Kit to mix and match up to 4 TC-Helicon vocal effect pedals together conveniently, simply and with less cable clutter than ever before.

Under the hood

Beneath the sturdy, die-cast metal case, you’ll be getting the same quality processing you’d expect from our flagship VoiceLive® vocal processors. You’ll also find a clean, quiet mic preamp that rivals high-end touring mixers & studio quality analog to digital conversion. There’s even a USB connection for firmware updates.


Unforgettable tone

  1. Control multiple bands of EQ to reduce ‘muddiness’ and add brightness.
  2. Add studio polish, reduce vocal peaks and unwanted T,S and D sounds.
  3. Add warmth & fullness without making your voice muddy.
  4. Dedicated on-off switch. T1 Also comes with USB connection for updates.

Ready to Enhance your sound?

What They Say...

"When it comes to vocal processing hardware, there’s no denying that TC-Helicon lead the field by some way...T1 is probably the best one to start with - the result is that vocals sound clearer and smoother."

–DV Magazine

"The VoiceTone T1 did a masterful job of not only keeping the vocals to manageable dynamic level, but also of giving them a very even tone. From croak to scream, the vocals sounded surprisingly even, yet still passionate."

–AudioFanzine Magazine

"VoiceTone Singles are the ultimate combination of tone and simplicity. They’ve inherited algorithms from the award-winning VoiceLive 2, so although VoiceTone Singles come in small packages they deliver a big sound."

–Music Radar Magazine

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